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Now Featuring A Convenient Anchor Strap

Take your training anywhere!

The best resistance band on the planet just got even better.

  • More exercises.
  • More places.
  • More results.

With the new door anchor, the latest version of the NT Loop can be used literally anywhere. From the house to the gym, you can unlock hundreds of new exercises with ease. Simply use the new door anchor to attach the NT Loop to any door frame, cable station, or stable object and get a world-class workout.

The Misunderstanding of Hip Training

Despite the huge popularity increase in glute and hip training, most coaches and fitness enthusiasts are still missing the mark when it comes to effectively training these areas for maximal performance and aesthetics.

A couple of hip thrusts here or some lateral band walks there; these are no doubt great exercises, but this is just the tip of the iceberg.

That’s because complete hip training comes down to training all four primary hip actions (Extension, Abduction, Adduction and Flexion), but also involves loading hip actions in positions and ranges of motion missed by compound lifts.

While exercises such as squats, deadlifts and lunges do well to train the hip extensors when they’re in the lengthened (stretched) position, they aren’t very effective at training the hip extensors in their shortened (contracted) position. To get this effect there needs to be an added resistance that won’t throw off mechanics, but rather enhance them.

Imagine getting more benefit out of every single rep from the exercises you are already doing!

  • More pump.
  • More performance.
  • More ways to effectively target those neglected muscles like the adductors that increase performance and reduce possible injury
It’s time to take hip and glute training to the next level and that requires better tools with the right applications.

The NT Loop is the obvious choice.

What Is The NT Loop?

The NT Loop was designed by world-famous coach, Nick Tumminello to provide more comfort, stability and durability than traditional latex superbands. Additionally, they are also reversible, washable, and convenient to travel with.

All NT Loops are custom designed to be 50” long by 3” wide. This carefully-sized band was created to not only offer unlimited exercise-enhancing applications, but to also surpass all the current options that exist in the market.

Unlike a traditional superband, the NT Loop is built for a high level of comfort. It is 3 inches wide and made of a quality fabric, so you don’t have to deal with it digging into your body or moving around during training thanks to its inner grip.

That’s not all – this band is built to last!

You’ll never have to worry about it peeling, snapping, or losing its elasticity over time. No matter how many times you use it, it will still perform like brand new.

After you use it the first time, the NT Loop will earn a coveted spot in your gym bag forever.

This Isn’t A One Trick Pony

While the NT Loop represents a better way to train the total hip complex than traditional latex bands and cables, it’s not a one trick pony. Packed with the versatility to make countless, common exercises better quickly and easily it can be used for upper and lower body training, performance drills, and even partner work.

Whether you use it in a poorly equipped hotel gym, at home, or in a fitness bootcamp setting, it makes the perfect companion. The NT Loop is the solution for the exerciser that’s always on the go, but is committed to getting the best results.

And just to make sure you get the most of your Loop, after purchase you’ll be given access to a slew of videos and a community of fitness professionals and enthusiasts that are using the NT Loop daily with their clients or in their own training.

Here’s just a few of the unique applications where the NT Loop really shines:


And That’s Not All…

The NT Loop is also great for bootcamps and partner drills!

Whether you’re a trainer that specializes in outdoor bootcamps or indoor group training, the NT Loop has you covered. Because of the versatility, you’ll be able to use less equipment and keep clients engaged. No more lugging heavy weights back and forth across the gym to setup training sessions.

NT Loops will unleash your creativity, enhance existing exercises, and reduce equipment costs while still delivering a killer workout.